School groups

At the Keats-Shelley House we run a carefully planned educational programme, dedicated to informing and inspiring students about the significance of Keats and the Romantics. We encourage school groups to visit the museum and also have available online a teachers’ pack of educational materials. School group visits to the museum last one hour, and include a talk (in English or Italian) about the life of Keats, and the history of the museum.

The museum is too small to allow school groups to make independent, un-booked visits.
It is essential to book in advance using our online bookings calendar or calling (+39) 06 
678 4235.

Please consider the following points prior to making the booking: 

Minimum number to qualify for talk: 10

Maximum number of people per group: 25 (including teachers); if the total number exceeds 25, it will be necessary to arrange more than one group.
Admission: €5.00 per student for school groups (includes talk). Teachers up to 2 per group will not be asked to pay the entrance ticket.
Times available for school visits: Monday to Saturday: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00.
An electronic version of our educational material can be downloaded here.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering online visits to the House using a panoramic tour of the museum with a live guide. This experience may be offered in English or Italian and the standard price of €5.00 per student applies. The virtual tour lasts approximately one hour, and must be booked in advance through the usual channels (+39 392 502 06 16/ For the virtual tour we can offer a whole class - or a group of selected students by the teacher - a virtual visit to the House with one of our guides who will take the students through each room and be able to answer questions from students. Students taking the virtual tour may have their audio and video switched off during the Zoom call, but may participate by asking questions to the guide at the end if they wish. 



Adult and Cultural Groups

We also welcome adult and cultural groups - there is a fixed admission charge of €6.00 per person (€5,00 for visitors who are 65 or over and in possession of an ID) and the minimum fee for receiving a talk is €60.00. The maximum number of people per group is 25 (including leaders). Groups with more than 25 people will need to split the group into two or more sub-groups.

N.B.: Please note that requested talks by curatorial staff may incur in additional costs.

The museum is too small to allow large groups to make independent, un-booked visits.
It is essential to book in advance using our online bookings calendar or calling (+39)
392 502 06 16.

For information on groups with differently abled members please follow this link.