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Gusto - exhibition catalogue ON SALE

Gusto features sixteen oil paintings inspired by the great Romantic poets and is named after William Hazlitt’s essay ‘On Gusto’, written in 1817. Cadogan created Gusto while in lockdown and what emerged was a body of work that strives to give hope out of the global health and economic crisis.

 Nancy Cadogan's works, described by The Evening Standard Magazine as “heaven on canvas”, are vibrant and vital and, by virtue of her love of Italy, of literature, and of Romanticism, find a natural home in the Keats-Shelley House.

50% OFF €10. SALE PRICE €5.

5,00 €


Written in Water
Price: 25,50 €
On He Flared: Essays on Four Letters of John Keats
Price: 10,00 €
Replica of Fanny Brawne's Engagement Ring
Price: 150,00 €
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Romantic Cat - Siamese
Price: 35,00 €
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Romantic Cat - Sphinx
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Romantic Cat - White
Odes for John Keats - Keats-Shelley200
Price: 5,00 €
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Keats-Shelley House Canvas Bag (Urn)
Price: 12,00 €
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Keats-Shelley House Coasters
Price: 8,50 €
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Keats-Shelley House Colored Pens (blue ink)
Price: 2,50 €
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Keats-Shelley House Wax Seal Sticker
Price: 1,20 €
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Keats-Shelley200 bag
Price: 12,00 €