Transnational Shelley(s): Metamorphoses and Reconfiguration - CONFERENCE

Thursday, February 24, 2022

This conference celebrates Percy Bysshe Shelley's multifaceted afterlives, exploring the many echoes his oeuvre has produced throughout the history of modern and contemporary literature. The aim of the conference is to craft a map of the poet's seminal influence on single authors as well as on literary movements. 

Starting from Mary Shelley's immediate editorial and critical efforts, and passing through both late 19th century Victorian celebrations and Modernist (apparent) rejection, the history of Shelley's fortune is one of the most interesting in modern and contemporary literature, and helps us to reflect on the true essence of his poetic legacy. Robert Browning, Walter Pater, the War Poets, Wallace Stevens, and many other poets were indeed among the most overt estimators of P.B. Shelley's works. Furthermore, his poetical and philosophical lesson has reverberated through the production of authors from around !he globe, not just those in the anglophone world.

Given the Shelleys' fruitful collaboration, especially in their "Italian" years, Mary Shelley's transnational legacy will also be the object of investigation. 

Scholars from various parts of the world and fields of study (literature, sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, to name a few) are invited to discuss the wealth of Shelley's aesthetic and ideological legacy, thus creating a forum which will provide a fertile addition to the various events that constellate the Shelleyan bicentenary celebrations. 


Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

• The Shelleys' reception in the Americas; 

• The Shelleys' reception in Asia; 

• The Shelleys' reception in Africa; 

• The Shelleys' reception in Oceania; 

• The Role of the Shelleys' oeuvre in the context of other European Romantic movements; 

• (New) Translations of Shelley's poems;

• Adaptations and remediations of Shelleyan character in popular culture; 

• P.B. Shelley as a Romantic icon; 

• Mary Shelley's role in the canonization of Shelley's figure.


Send abstracts of individual papers (250 words) and a short bionote by April 15, 2022 to:


Acceptance will be notified by May 20, 2022.


Registration fee: early bird (July 15), €75; later registration €100. 

Organized by 


Elisabetta Marino

(Department of History, Humanities and Society, University of Rome Tor Vergata)


Paolo Bugliani

(Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics, University of Pisa)


Scientific Committee:

Giuseppe Albano, Gioia Angeletti, Serena Baiesi, Roberto Baronti Marchiò, Lilla Maria Crisafulli, Nora Crook, Keir Elam, Carlotta Farese, Roberta Ferrari, Gilberta Golinelli, Daniela Guardamagna, Sharon Ruston, Diego Saglia, Carla Sanguineti, Rossana Sebellin, Maria Valentini