How to Search the Collection Online

The catalogue can be searched by:

  • Typing in keywords in the search box
  • Using the filters to locate material
  • Typing in keywords and then using filters to refine the search

Using the search box:

  • Type in keywords into inverted commas
  • Go through results (ANY document containing the keyword or part of the keyword will show up in the results)

Using filters:

  • The manuscript collection has been catalogued according to the following filters: name, author, sender, recipient, subject (personal name, corporate name, chronological, topic, geographic), genre.

Using the search box and filters:

  • Type in keywords into inverted commas
  • Refine search based on search criteria (e.g. use chronological filter when searching for material from a specific year; use sender filter if looking for letters written by a specific individual; use name filter if looking for all documents containing the name of a specific person, etc...)