Premiere: 'The Death of Keats' narrated by Bob Geldof

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 18:30



'The Death of Keats': An Immersive Video Story from the Keats-Shelley House narrated by Bob Geldof premiering 23 February 6.30 pm


This February the Keats-Shelley House will commemorate the bicentenary of John Keats's death with the release of two immersive video experiences, both of them collaborations with legendary rock star, philanthropist, and Keats-Shelley200 Ambassador Bob Geldof.


On 23 February, the bicentenary of Keats's death in Rome, we'll premiere 'The Death of Keats' narrated by Bob Geldof. This will be an innovative immersive video story which is best enjoyed with a VR headset but fully accessible without. Recounting, through readings from letters, Keats's trip to Italy, his time in the House, and his death, this will be the first in a series of video stories from the Keats-Shelley House to mark the bicentenaries of Keats's and Shelley's deaths.


Also, don't miss the Immersive Video Tour of the Keats-Shelley House with Bob Geldof which will premiere on 8 February. 


From 23 February it will also be possible to take your own Panoramic Tour of the Keats-Shelley House with a Live Guide. Advance bookings may be made here.