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John Keats - Le Odi

** This book is in italian with parrallel text in English. **


The Odes of Keats find a new Italian edition by Flavio Ferraro. 

Flavio Ferraro was born in Rome in 1984. Poet, essayist and scholar of metaphysical doctrines, he writes articles for several online publications, including Il Pensiero Forte, Il Primato Nazionale and L'Intellettuale Dissidente, and gives lectures on a variety of topics (available on Il Pensiero Forte's YouTube channel). He edited a poetry segment for the tv programme "Il thè con te", and participated as a commentator in the programme "Restart", both aired on Cusano Italia Tv. Among his works: Sulla soglia oscura, La Camera Verde, Rome 2010; Da un estremo margine, La Camera Verde, Rome 2012; La direzione del tramonto, Oèdipus, Salerno 2013; La luce immutabile, La Camera Verde, Rome 2019; La malvagità del bene. Il progressismo e la parodia della Tradizione, Irfan edizioni, San Demetrio Corone 2019. The upcoming volume collecting all his poems is being published by Arcolaio editions.

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